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Payment Setup

EasyCart gives you a variety of methods to accept payment. Either manual payments where you receive orders and invoice customers, Affirm to provide flexible financing, third party gateways like PayPal, or live credit card processing and get payments directly on your website.

Note: Although we offer Affirm to free users, you must purchase either a Lite or Full version of the store before you can setup and access third party payment gateways or live payment gateways.


Free Version

The free version of the storefront offers Manual Billing and Affirm payments. Please read below for more information.

Lite Version

The lite version of the storefront offers Manual Billing, Affirm payments, and Third Party Payment Gateways. Please read below for more information.

Full Standard Version

The full version of the storefront offers Manual Billing, Affirm payments, Third Party Payment Gateways, and Live Payment Gateways. Please read below for more information.

Manual Billing

Manual billing can be used for a lot of different options. You can ask users to send you checks to an address, money transfers to a bank account, pay on pickup, and more. This section allows you to enter a note for the user and when selected allows them to complete checkout without actually completing a payment on the website. The title of this section can be changed under the language options for the store.

Third Party Payment Gateways

A third party payment gateway is a payment method that requires the customer to leave your site to complete payment. We offer the following third party gateways.

  • PayPal Payments Standard
    • This version of PayPal is free to sign up and a percentage from each transaction.
    • After clicking submit order, the user will be asked to click to transfer to PayPal.
    • Once the order is completed, the user will be given a chance to return to their receipt.
    • Upon payment completion at PayPal, the IPN listener script is called from PayPal and will change the order status from Third Party Pending to Third Party Approved. This makes it easy for you to know if the user completed payment on PayPal's website.
    • Setup - Enter your PayPal email address, select your currency code, language code, weight, and if you are testing, select the sandbox mode. That's all there is to it!
  • Skrill
    • Skrill is free to signup and takes a percentage of each transaction.
    • Skrill requires users to transfer money into their own account before making a payment. This guarantees money in your account upon Payment.
    • Great for interanational users and those who cannot use PayPal.
    • Setup - Enter your mechant ID, Company Name, Email, Language, and Currency.
  • RealEx
  • Payment Express PxPay 2.0
  • Dwolla
  • Nets Netaxept

Live Payment Gateways

A live payment gateway is a payment method that processes the customer's credit card directly on your site. Payment is sent behind the scenes to the payment gateway, processed, and notification returned all in one step. This gives your customer instant feedback about their order.

Note: No credit card information is saved on your site during transaction. Additionally, if you choose this method for processing you must purchase an SSL certificate from your hosting provider. You also must ensure all pages of checkout are encrypted in HTTPS mode. Without these settings you risk your customer's credit card info during checkout.

In order to select a payment gateway, you must first select the credit cards you would like to use on your site. Please realize that all card types do not work with all payment gateways in all locations. You should contact your payment gateway company to get that information.

You can select the following payment gateways from the drop down list. Enter the required information to complete the activation.

  • Authorize.net
  • Authorize.net Emulators -> Learn how here!
  • Beanstream
  • Braintree S2S
  • Chronopay
  • Converge (Virtual Merchant)
  • Eway
  • First Data Payeezy (Global Gateway e4)
  • Goemerchant
  • Intuit Merchant Services (Intuit Payments)
  • MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MIGS)
  • Moneris Canada
  • Moneris USA
  • Network Merchants (NMI)
  • Payline
  • Payment Express PxPost
  • PayPal PayFlow Pro
  • PayPal Payments Pro
  • PayPoint
  • Realex
  • Sagepay
  • Sagepay US
  • SecureNet
  • SecurePay
  • Stripe (Also integrated with their subscription services system)
  • Square
  • Virtual Merchant

Not all payment gateways work in all locations. Do your research and find out which gateway is best for you!

For US Customers

We are fully integrated with Authorize.net, Stripe, PayPal and FirstData as well as others. Stripe is the only system fully integrated with EasyCart that offers subscription based services as well and is the new go-to live payment processor recommended by EasyCart.

For EU Customers

We are fully integrated with Sagepay, this is the favored solution for our EU users. This method has been tested and confirmed by UK users specifically. It is fully integrated to use basic direct processing or 3D Secure payments. 3D Secure means that when applicable, the customer must verify themselves at their bank's website before completing a transaction. Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode are the two companies that may do this for a given customer.

For Australian Customers

We are fully integrated with SecurePay, eWay, and PayPal for popular methods of payment. Payment Express is another great solution.

Don't See the Payment Gateway You Need?

Custom payment gateway integration is available through WP EasyCart's website. www.wpeasycart.com. Contact us for a quote.

Use Payment Proxy

This is an options for some hosts that require a proxy in order to make a CURL request. If you are having problems with your payment gateway then this may be the issue.

PayPal Standard IPN Setup

We have found that the dynamic method for using the PayPal IPN listener does NOT always work. The best way to connect this is to follow the steps here: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/ipn/integration-guide/IPNSetup/. The following are examples of URLs for your IPN listener, choose the option that works best for you (replacing mysite.com with your actual URL):

You can get the IPN listener URL in your Store Setup -> Payment Setup, expand the third party section and as long as PayPal Standard is selected you will see the IPN listener URL:

Follow the flow below to find your IPN Listener in your account:

Once you add the correct URL to your account, the payment flow will be as follows:

1. The user adds a product to the cart, enters their checkout information, and clicks "submit order".

2. An order is inserted into the EasyCart system with a 'Third Party Pending' status and the user is redirected to PayPal to complete the purchase.

3. The user finishes their purchase at PayPal successfully, the user is sent back to your site to see their receipt, and PayPal's IPN listener hits your site to update the order status.

4. The IPN Listener script updates the order to 'Third Party Approved' and email receipts are sent. The order is complete at this point.

Square Payment Setup

This is your application dashboard. It's where you register new applications, change your application settings, and find all of your application credentials.

To register your first application:

  1. Click New Application.
  2. Enter a name for your application and click Create App. (Note that your application name can't include the word Square.)

As soon as your application is created, the control panel for it appears. The control panel consists of four tabs (CredentialsOAuthWebhooks, and Register API), each with multiple sections.

Take your personal access token and application id and enter this in your payment setup in the EasyCart.

Intuit Payment Setup

Intuit setup can be fairly difficult to get through and in attempt to simplify this we are providing a series of screenshots and information to help make this as easy as possible. If you have any difficulties, contact the support staff through our support ticket system at https://www.wpeasycart.com/support-ticket/.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your server must support PHP's oAuth module, which can be enabled by your host if you do not have it. This will be apparent in the final step of setup when you try and authorize your site on Intuit and you will see a blank white screen or an error message describing this issue.

1. Navigate to https://developer.intuit.com/ and log in with your Intuit Payments account. We start with the developer site in order to create the necessary keys to connect your WP EasyCart store to your payments account. Once testing is complete you apply for live keys. Once logged in, click "Create new app".

2. Click the Select APIs button when prompted

3. Select BOTH Accounting and Payments and then click Create app.

4. Now that your new app is created, go to the settings tab to begin editing the required information for this app. Click the pencil icon to begin editing the app info. The first time you do this will be with the development applicatino and development keys and once we ensure things are working you can switch to production mode and repeat steps 4-10.

5. Enter a name here that will define this application as WP EasyCart and if you use Intuit Payments on multiple sites, define it for the specific site that it will be connected to. This is for your reference only, but useful if you use Intuit Payments in mutliple instances.

6. Next, click the pencil icon next to the App URLs section.

7. This step is very important. Enter the home URL for your WordPress site in which you are planning to sell from. For example, if you are selling on www.mysite.com/store, enter www.mysite.com. In addition, for the Launch URL and Disconnect URL, be sure to include https:// in front of the URL.

8. Now that your App is setup, we need to copy the keys into the EasyCart system and connect the cart to your Intuit Payments account. Go to the Keys section and copy down this information for the next step.

9. Now enter the information from step 8 into the boxes provided and be sure sandbox mode is on if you are using the development keys or If you have already completed testing you will want to select sandbox mode off. Press Save to update your settings. Once updated, you will see the "Connect to Quickbooks" button appear in the live gateway settings box. Click this button now.

10. The last setup step is to click Authorize when prompted. This step will fail if your server does not support PHP's oAuth, which is a requirement from Intuit Payments for connection.

Now that you are Authorized, test the connection by going to your store, adding an item to the cart, and checking out with the credit card info: 4242424242424242, security code 333, and an expiration date in the future. If the order goes through successfully then you are ready to go live with your payments account. To do this click the production link at the top of your account. You must first select the application from your application list.

Clicking this will bring up a new form, enter your End User License Agreement URL (some URL on your site that defines your terms and conditions), your Privacy Policy URL (some URL on your site that defines your privacy policy), your Host Name Domain, Launch URL, and Disconnect URL. The last three items are the same as that entered on step 7.

Once this is completed, you will need to start back through steps 4-10 using your production application and production application keys.

First Data Global e4 Payeezy

There are four values needed to connect and send payment requests through your First Data account. The first two are related to the "Terminal" in your account, which includes a gateway ID and your gateway password. The gateway id is clearly printed along with the terminal and your gateway password must be set in the details for the gateway.

The other two options that are needed are in the API Access area for the gateway. The key id is clearly stated in the API Access section and the Hmac key is something that is generated on the API Access page.

To complete setup, take the four values listed in this guide and enter them in the appropriate fields in the EasyCart Payment Setup for First Data.

Note: Continue reading our online documentation to learn more about the WP EasyCart settings.