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Advanced Language

This section allows you to change every phrase on the store system. You can self-translate the entire shopping system from one location, or simply select the language if we have it in the system from the pulldown in the corner.

Language Packs

Select a language pack from the drop down. WP EasyCart is working to expand this system, so if you do not see your language, it will be there soon! If you would like to change any of the text on the site, you can do so in the next section.

Note: Some web servers will not allow you to submit such a big list or form. If you have trouble submitting changes, try selecting 'Use Separate Forms' at the top of the page to break down the submitting process to smaller chunks.

Advanced Editor

The advanced editor allows you to change every word throughout the entire store. You can change it to a whole new language, or just edit a few words to work better for your website.

Enable RTL support on the Basic Setup page if you would like text to appear right to left. This is for some languages, do not enable for left to right reading languages!

Exporting Language File

We offer a one click export to a text file for you to easily manipulate in one location rather than web based. You can create a new language file and even provide it to EasyCart to integrate for future customers.

Creating & Uploading New Language Files

If you would like to create a new language file, they are located in the plugin folder /wp-easycart/inc/language/ and are basic .TXT text files. You may duplicate one of our language packs and create your own.

The way the language files load is that they are loaded one time into the database wp_options table -> ec_option_language_data field. From that point on, the text file is never touched. So you should make changes through the web based language editor.

Note: These text files are very precise, and a missed space, period, dash, or bracket will cause all of the langauge packs to break... so edit with caution and if you cause the language of the site to disappear, you may need to edit the database field, remove the language data, and then load them again.... use with caution!