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Help and Support

WP EasyCart and the team is devoted to providing the best possible support for our sysem as we can. With that said, we also have limited resources to do so and still provide a low cost, powerful e-commerce system. Try to utilize all available automated online resources first, but if that fails to answer your question, please contact us via our support system online.

How to get support:

1. Try first our online documentation here. We try to organize and add new docs all the time to keep it up to date.

2. Then try our online community forums. These are a great way to have other community members answer questions, alleviate support requests on our end, and keep costs down for the plugin. Down the road, others can learn from your question.

3. Our video library is always growing. This gives you a full walk through of a specific feature and sometimes explains what an email just can not do.

4. If all else fails above, try submitting a support request. Be specific so we can find out what you are talking about. Don't just say, 'It's not working' as we have no idea what you are talking about, where your site is, etc...