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Colorizing the Store

EasyCart can be colorized quickly without any knowledge of CSS or programming by simply clicking the color in our colorizer. If you need more advanced coloring, try the Advanced Options -> Custom CSS section. There is no limits to how customized you can make your shopping system.

Video Available: There is a helpful video tutorial that you may want to watch regarding this topic in our video library. Click to View Now

Main Color: This is the main color used on titles, buttons, and other various elements.
Second Color: This is the secondary color used on buttons, borders, and other various elements.
Theme Background: If you have a light background, most of the text will need to be dark. If you have a Black or dark background, the most of your text will appear white. This is a quick way to invert colors.

Product Page Options: Select from several styles as well as hover effects for images and quickview button options.

Responsive Settings: You can specifically setup how many columns should appear for various devices. Choose from 1-5 column layouts and individualize how tall the images will be for each section. We recommend you view each of these responsive settings by simply resizing your browser or using devices to insure they work and fit your theme.