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Basic Setup

Once you activate the plugin, this is the first step in setting up your storefront. WP EasyCart relies on 3 pages to run the store, cart, and account.

Store Page: Runs the product grid AND the product details page for each product.
Account Page: Runs the entire customer account area, past orders, download products, update and maintain account area.
Cart Page: Runs the entire shopping cart, checkout, and payment page.

Create Page Button: Will automatically create a new WordPress page for that section. If you already created a page, no need to click this button.

Add Shortcode Button: Will add the necessary shortcode in order for the store, account, or cart page to run. Simply have your page selected in the combo box and click this button.

Demo Data Install & Uninstall

You can quickly add some demonstration data and products to the store in order to experiment and see if the plugin works for your needs. Click Install Now will attempt to download demo data and run the demo data scripts to get the data installed.

Uninstall the demo data will uninstall the products and revert you to a clean fresh install. It only effects products, orders, and data. It does not revert your design files.

Note: Demo Data only adds a few products and orders to the system. It does not effect the design, nor does removing the demo data.

10 Step Quick Setup Guide

We offer a 10 step quick start guide that allows you to easily click and check-off each setep to get your store up and running within minutes. We encourage all new users to simply go through the guide, complete it, and install demo data to see EasyCart running within 10 minutes.