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Advanced Options

Need some custom CSS? Need to remove the state or country drop down menus during the checkout process? Our Advanced Options tries to expand and make things easy for those hard to reach customizations.


Advanced Options: Adjust these settings based on your specific need. These are advanced options and you should know what it is you are looking to achieve before adjusting these settings.

Use Advanced State Display: This option allows you to provide a different drop down box for each country, meaning U.S. States are displayed for the USA, Provinces for Canada, and an input box for countries that do not have states/provinces/territories implemented for them. The system also works in combination with the state/country settings, which allow you to enter any data that applies to your situation. Please be sure to turn on state and country drop down lists with this option.

State Drop Down List: This option displays the state as a drop down, or an open text field. You can edit the states in the admin console -> settings area.

Country Drop Down List: This option displays the country as a drop down, or an open text field. You can edit the countries in the admin console -> settings area.

Use Country to Estimate Shipping: This will display a country drop down if using live shipping rates on the cart page. Customers can enter their country and postal code and estimate shipping.

Use WP Mail: Some web servers will not have default PHP mail() functionality. If not receiving customer emails after an order, you can easily switch to WP Mail which may be more compatible with your web server.

Use RTL Support: Right to Left text support is available and can be setup by switching on. This sets text to read right to left and is used primarily in printing Arabic languages, which are read right to left. If you are unsure if you need this option, then you should leave it off.

Match Store Page Meta: If you are using Custom Post Types to display your products, AND you want the custom post types to have the same design, layout, and meta information as the actual store page, then enable this.

Use Custom Post Type Linking: The best SEO method you can use is to have this enabled and for each product in the store, we create a custom post type for them. This gives each product page a SEO friendly URL, along with an actual custom post. The two URLs will differ in looks like the following two examples:

  • http://mysite.com/my-store/?model_number=mensshirt3333&optionitem_id=2989
  • http://mysite.com/my-store/mens-cool-shirt/?optionitem_id=2989

No VAT for shipping: Some countries do not require VAT in shipping, you can disable here.

Display Store as Catalog: This will remove the Quick View, quantity, and Add to Cart behavior for products and essentially make it a read-only catalog. Customers will not be able to add items to a cart.

Currency Exchange Rates: If you wish to convert currency from the one you enter into the product, you can do so here and customers can see alternate pricing. The pricing is only suggestions and orders still are processed in the payment gateways currency of choice. We offer a currency selector widget that you can place in a sidebar allowing customers to switch currency.
The conversion rates must be entered in the following 3 digit format: EUR=.80,GBP=.55,JPY=101.9


Video Available: There is a helpful video tutorial that you may want to watch regarding store design in our video library. Click to View Now

Custom CSS: Enter CSS into this section and customize the shopping system on the fly. Great for designers who want to override styles.

Responsive Size Points: Using a responsive theme and need to alter where the break-points are, this section allows you to do that without editing all the CSS @media queries in our theme files.

Advanced Color Management: This section gives you a bit more control over coloring throughout the store system that the general colorizor allows. If this does not solve a color scenario you are looking for, you would need to then enter the CSS files and adjust there manually.

Font Management: Quickly change fonts throughout the store system. This gives good control, but CSS editing may be necessary if it does not change according to your specific locations.

Amazon S3 Setup: For a detailed description on this product option, please go to the Amazon S3 Downloads section of the docs here.

DecoNetwork Setup: The DecoNetwork is a great way to offer customized goods through their online designer and sell those products directly through your EasyCart store. You can learn more about getting a DecoNetwork site at www.deconetwork.com. To setup your store with your DecoNetwork Account, please follow the instructions provided:

1. Go to your DecoNetwork administration page and select the manage link from the my stores area in the top navigation.

2. Select Website Settings from the left menu and under the administration section select API Settings.

3. Select enable external cart integration and add a callback url and cancel url which are typically your cart url and your store url (you are welcome to create a custom cancel landing page though as it is just a return address used by the DecoNetwork system).

4. Setup products using the store admin, information on this topic is available by clicking here.

TaxCloud Setup

1. Go to https://taxcloud.net/ and register for a FREE account.

2. Once logged in, go to the Account -> Websites page.

3. Add a website, enter a name, URL, and select WP EasyCart.

4. Copy down the API ID and API Key for use later.

5. Go to Account -> Tax States and setup the states you wish to collect sales tax.

6. Go to your WordPress admin -> EasyCart Admin -> Store Setup -> Advanced Options and scroll to the bottom. Add your API ID and API Key, as well as your origin information (address, city, state, zip).

7. This should complete the setup and can test the system quickly by going through the checkout process and entering addresses within a state that you expect to submit taxes. We are fully integrated with the TaxCloud system and by placing an order you should see that order show up in your TaxCloud account, ready to automatically submit your state sales taxes for amounts collected through your EasyCart. If you make a refund for an order in the EasyCart, that order will be automatically refunded in your TaxCloud account, making the process of selling, taxing, and submitting those taxes seamless for US based sales.