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Notice: Please be aware of the following requirements before purchasing/installing the Quickbooks plugin:
  • A valid SSL Certificate for your website
  • Quickbooks 11 or higher
  • WP EasyCart Full Edition plugin

What does the Quickbooks plugin for WP EasyCart do?

This plugin is built to work in combination with Quickbooks and the WP EasyCart plugin for WordPress. This plugin is built to only work with ONE Quickbooks program at a time. The best way to do mult-user Quickbooks management with your EasyCart store is to share the data online and only connect via the web connector with a main Quickbooks account (a master account).


  • WordPress website installed and setup
  • Quickbooks 11 or higher available for download/install
  • A valid SSL Certificate for your site (Quickbooks will NOT connect to a server that does not have a valid SSL Certificate)
  • WP EasyCart installed and registered on your WordPress site


This setup assumes you have installed Quickbooks 11 or higher, you have installed a valid SSL Certificate on your server, you have a WordPress site setup on your server, and you have setup the WP EasyCart plugin. If any of this has not been completed, please complete before attempting Quickbooks setup for the WP EasyCart.

  1. Purchase the Quickbooks for WP EasyCart plugin at www.wpeasycart.com
  2. Once a purchase is complete, download the plugin from your account. This is available by viewing the order details and clicking "download" from the order line item for the Quickbooks plugin. This will start a download of the plugin zip file.
  3. Go to the WordPress admin of your site. Click 'Plugins' -> 'Add New', then select 'Upload' from the top of this page. Click 'Choose File' and select the freshly downloaded zip from the last step. Then click 'Install Now'. Once the plugin installs, click activate.
  4. A new menu item will now be available on the left called 'Quickbooks Setup', click this link. On this page you will notice a user name, password, and download QWC button. Download the QWC and save somewhere for later. Also remember this password for later.
  5. If you haven't installed yet, download and install the Quickbooks Web Connector Add-On from Intuit for your Quickbooks installation. This is available here: Quickbooks Web Connector Add-On.
  6. Now you are ready to add your Quickbooks Web Connector file (QWC) to Quickbooks. This will allow your Quickbooks application to connect to your WP EasyCart and automatically download new data. This can be done by opening Quickbooks, clicking 'File' -> 'Update Web Services'. Next click 'Add an Application', select the downloaded QWC file.
  7. When prompted to authoize the new web service, click 'OK'.
  8. When prompted to check the application certificate, select 'Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open' and click 'Continue...', then 'Done' when prompted.
  9. Now enter the password from the WP EasyCart Quickbooks Setup menu page from your WordPress admin in the provided password box. Press enter and 'Yes' when promoted to save the password.
  10. At this point, you should begin to get automatic updates to your Quickbooks install. To test this, try adding a new user through the EasyCart admin. Whenever a user is added it will be automatically imported. If the user name matches a user that exists in Quickbooks this will fail, so ensure it is a unique user!

Exporting Existing Data From Store

If you would like to export the existing orders, customer, and product data from the WP EasyCart store, go to the Quickbooks Setup menu page in the WordPress admin, at the bottom of the page click the button 'Export Data'. This will send all data to a queue on your site. When Quickbooks polls the website, it will notice it needs to import this data and will do so automatically. Once imported you will continue to recieve updates from the site automatically everytime an order is place, a user is added, a user changes their account information, a product is added, or a product is updated. You should never need to export the data again. If data seems to be out of sync, try clicking the export button again. Information can never be overwritten in Quickbooks, only added if it doesn't exist or modified if it does exist. So no need to worry about exporting and getting duplicated data. If this doesn't fix your out of sync data issue, check the error log on your site. More information about solving problems with your Quickbooks connector is below.

Known Difficulties with Quickbooks

  • Users must have unique names! Quickbooks will not add a user that has the same name already existing in your Quickbooks workbook. If this happens, orders will also not import because it will not be able to correctly link up the user to the order.
  • Product names must have unique names! Quickbooks will not add a product with the same name. If the product does not add and an order goes through for that product it will not insert either because it will not be able to link up the data correctly.
  • Orders will not insert if data cannot link up correctly. If the edit sequenece, list id, or txn id are incorrect according to the Quickbooks data, things will fail.

How to Prevent Difficulties

The best way to prevent difficulties is to create a company file specific to your online business. This will ensure that you do not have a data problem with duplicate names, inventory products, or orders.

How to Leverage The Plugin with Manual Payments

You can leverage Quickbooks, the Quickbooks plugin for WP EasyCart, and the WP EasyCart plugin with manual payments to bill customers directly from Quickbooks. This can be done by having users checkout with manual payments. When an order comes into Quickbooks it will be an Invoice. You can then send the invoice out to the customer to request payment. If the user adds their credit card information and you are setup to process credit cards, you can actually process that information on the order to complete the transaction. Once the payment is recieved you will see it in received payments.

Troubleshooting Your Plugin

  • All errors that occur when Quickbooks connects to your WP EasyCart will be saved on your site in an error log. You can download from your server at wp-content/plugins/wp-easycart-quickbooks/error_log. Open with any text editor.
  • You can see all requests that have ever been queued up to send to Quickbooks in your database. This will be in the quickbooks_queue table.
  • You can see all the attempts to get data and the success/error information with regards to the connection from Quickbooks in your database in the quickbooks_log table.

Note: If you have issues with the plugin, please submit a support ticket at www.wpeasycart.com. Please include a description of the problem, the website you are using, WordPress login information, and the text from your error_log.