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Quick Start Guide

If you are experienced with WordPress, or want a quick guide to getting started, this page walks you through the bare essentials to get started.

Start by searching WordPress for the EasyCart plugin, installing, and activating the plugin. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you will see the a new sidebar item called 'EasyCart Admin'. This is the location of everything you will need to setup and maintain your shopping cart system.

Easy Steps to Install the WP EasyCart

The WP EasyCart system provides a simple step by step guide to setting up your store and preparing your system to make sales. The fastest way to get setup is to go to the 'EasyCart Admin' -> 'Store Setup' and follow the steps provided there.

Install/Uninstall Sample Data

If you want to quickly populate your site with demonstration data from our WP EasyCart server, you can scroll down on this installation page and install the demo data. It will try to pull over our zipped package of images and update your database with sample products, imagery, options, orders, etc... A good way to get it looking and feeling like a shopping site quickly.

Video Available: There is a helpful video tutorial that you may want to watch regarding this topic in our video library. Click to View Now
Note: The EasyCart system works with the permalink structures in WordPress (PostName). Be sure to set this by going to the WordPress menu Settings -> Permalinks.