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Upgrading Your WP EasyCart Plugin

The WordPress system itself has an automated upgrade process for your plugin. It's important to understand the process of what WordPress does during a plugin upgrade... and it's simple. It just removes the entire plugin folder and uploads a new folder.

What WP EasyCart does during Upgrade

To insure a good backup, the latest versions of WordPress Shopping Cart protect your information by utilzing a different plugin folder for important data. The Design, and Products are all stored in a /wp-easycart-data folder that is seperate from the core plugin at /wp-easycart.

This core folder of /wp-easycart can be overwritten completely, and your personal data such as design and products are always safe over in the /wp-easycart-data plugin and never removed. The entire shopping system will look to this data folder first, and then into the core plugin /wp-easycart if there is no data found.

What Happens to your Design?

The WP EasyCart system is built to allow you to customize your design completely separate from the core. This is a great way to build a product and know that it can be expanded and improved without doing timely upgrades.

We want you to be in control of when you switch to new design files, this way you can run older design files, and work design files and switch back and forth between easycart design layout and theme files.

Depending on your setup, design files will be upgraded automatically. To take advantage of automatic design file updates, change your settings to no child theme and no child layiout in the design file management section under store setup. We also offer a child theme and child layout option, in which all files remain current besides the ones found in your child folder, which are assumed to be custom files. You can read more about this in an article here.


OK, enough talk, what do you need to do to upgrade?

Typically an upgrade involves the following steps, which is all point and click 99% of the time and takes only a few minutes.

  1. Run a quick backup of your files as wordpress recommends on every plugin or system upgrade. You can use a built in WordPress system, a third party plugin, or back up your store on the dashboard, backup page.
  2. Upgrade WP EasyCart and WP EasyCart Admin plugins via wordpress plugins page.
  3. If any errors occur, you may need to reactivate your plugin or manually upload a fresh version to the wp-easycart folder on your server. Errors are rare, but typically occur when a server times out while transferring the latest version.

That's it! Your plugin will automatically add any language that may be new and design files that may have changed.


Note: Want to upgrade manually? Follow the steps below to do just that!

Can you Manually Update the Plugin?

Yes, one of the safest and easiest ways to update the plugins core files is to do it manually via FTP, then you don't have to worry if WordPress will take over the update process. It's as simple as uploading and replacing a few files.

1. Simply visit wordpress and download the latest package .zip file to your computer. (Click Here to visit and download)

2. Unzip this package and you will upload a few files via FTP to the servers /wp-content/plugin/wp-easycart/ folder.

3. Now you can upload the /wp-easycart folder and replace the old plugin folder.

4. Deactivate and reactivate your plugin with WordPress to ensure all DB changes and language changes are added to your system.

We always recommend backing them up, but the process can take less than 5 minutes and you ensure you have the latest core files for easycart.