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Common Known Issues

This page lets you know of some common issues that the EasyCart can conflict with. While we continue to try and make the software operate in as many hosting environments and possible WordPress configurations, it is impossible to completely be compatible in all aspects.

While it is rare, the following known combinations of software and settings can cause conflicts with the EasyCart system.


  • Permalink Structure - (PostName) - Wordpress offers several permalink structures, but we recommend you always use the /PostName/ method. Visit wordpress Settings -> Permalinks.

  • WordPress MU - The EasyCart is a WordPress single site plugin and will not work correctly in the WordPress mutlisite configuration.

  • Security Plugins - We feel security is important, but many security plugins simply do not take not take into account e-commerce. We recommend Wordpress HTTPS plugin to secure cart and account pages, but some security plugins can write .htaccess files to your site and cause unwanted redirects and caching of your site files.


  • Kadence Virtue Theme (Premium) and it comes packaged with SiteOrigin Plugin - if you are using the page builder the EasyCart product details will not load. To fix this, switch to the visual/text editor and save that way.


  • File Write Permissions - (Windows IIS) - Windows hosting servers will sometimes not give full permissions to the /plugins folder within the web file structure. EasyCart requires read/write permissions outside of its main plugin directory so that it can make backups and restores of files during the plugin update process. By it's nature, WordPress wants to simply overwrite delete the plugin directory when you update a plugin, and EasyCart wants to backup your files of product images and custom css before doing so. Therefore, EasyCart needs full read/write permissions setup in the /wp-content/plugins directory. Most have this setup by default that run on linux or apache servers, but we have found in on less than 1% of hosting servers we encounter.


  • We have found that some hosts have specific caching programs that inhibit a shopping cart type system to work. BlueHost offers WordPress specific hosting, which works well, but they offer a hosting setting called 'Varnish' which caches and does not allow products to go into the shopping cart.