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What is WP EasyCart

The WordPress EasyCart was developed to provide a powerful yet simple intuitive solution that integrates eCommerce and WordPress. With the powerful features and ease of use that WordPress provides, EasyCart now plugs into your website and provides powerful shopping cart functionality with a few clicks.

Who Needs it?

Store owners who already have or are thinking about using WordPress as their website solution and want to sell items online. EasyCart allows you to leverage the easy to use WordPress environment and thousands of themes to build a complex shopping system complete with checkout and account sections. No need to program anything.

Store owners can sell regular retail goods such as clothing, jewelry, electronics and more. Plus you can sell downloadable goods such as music labels, tracks, videos, e-books, PDF files or anything that can be instantly downloaded by customers.

And with all this, you can also sell gift cards to customers who may wish to give presents or pass along to other customers. eCommerce has never been so easy!

How it Works

Simply download the free trial plugin from WordPress, activate, setup the pages necessary, then adjust business settings as needed. 3 pages generally run the EasyCart

  • The 'Store' page - provides all the product pages, product detail pages, images of products, add to cart abilities.
  • The 'Cart' page - provides users the ability to see a shopping cart, checkout, enter payments, and retain products just like a real cart.
  • The 'Account' page - provides the users access to login, view their current billing and shipping addresses, past orders, change passwords.

Note: You also get access to a free desktop application (software) that lets you manage your orders, add/update products, images, titles, prices, options, adjust shipping rates, setup coupons, promotions, manage your customers accounts, and more.