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How to Backup Your Store

To backup your EasyCart store you will need to know a few things about how the store is structured behind the scenes. To start, your store is all build within the database on your server and backing this up should be a matter of going to the EasyCart Store Backup page in your WordPress admin and downloading the backup script. This backup will let you restore the store to its current state at any time by running it through PhPMyAdmin or another database management tool (we will explain this later here). The second thing you need are your product images, which are located on your server in the wp-content/plugins/wp-easycart-data/products/ folder and should be downloaded through FTP.

Downloading Product Images with FTP

If you are not familiar with FTP, this is a method to connect directly to your server and download files. As a website owner this is a very useful tool in downloading a complete backup of your site and when it comes to saving product images is the fastest and most reliable way to get a complete backup. Please review https://codex.wordpress.org/FTP_Clients to learn more about FTP access. Most hosts allow you to create FTP users in your hosting account and is typically a main menu option, but in most cases you can use the same login for your hosting account or cpanel to access FTP.

Restoring Your Store

To restore your store in case of a loss:

  1. If you are starting from scratch, install a blank version of the store plugin on your WordPress site.
  2. Upload the backup of your store images to the wp-content/plugins/wp-easycart-data/products folder.
  3. Install the database script by using PhpMyAdmin or another database management tool, explained in detail below.

Restoring with your Database Backup Script

To restore using your backup script, we recommend using a common tool in your hosting account called PhpMyAdmin. This is commonly available in cpanel or in some hosting account in your hosting management area in the database section. Once you open this tool, select the WordPress database on the left side by expanding the database list and clicking the database that is for your WordPress installation. If you do not know which database is for your WordPress site, download the wp-config.php from the root of your WordPress install and it willl be listed in the code row 'DB_NAME'.

Once you have selected the correct database, click the import tab at the top of the screen. You can then select Choose File and select the backup script, format is SQL, and the default values are typically fine to import. Click Go to complete this process.

This method will overwrite any store that you have previously setup so only use this in case of a complete loss! If you want to restore products, use the import/export product option in the store admin.