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Subscription Services

Subscription services allow customers to become members or subscribe to a service for recurring billing.

You should first ensure your payment gateway information is setup and connected, especially if using the full Stripe subscription method. This way products and subscription information is automatically created on your Stripe account as you build your products and services.

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Subscription services requires the use of Stripe payment processor OR PayPal Third Party. Stripe payment processor provides full subscription management features, while PayPal is managed via the PayPal interface directly. Stripe is by far the optimal route and provides the most features in EasyCart subscription services.

Setup a Product

  1. Setup a subscription plan. For example, if you develop a group or plan called 'Web Hosting' and perhaps you have 3 products called bronze, silver, and gold hosting subscriptions. Each of those would be attached to the 'Web Hosting' subscription plan.
  2. Setup a subscription product. This means your product is designated as a subscription, has a time interval for payment, and other details below.
    • Subscription Interval - Simply setup the interval you wish the subscription to be paid at.
    • Subscription Trial Period Days - If you would like customers to have a certain number of days before billing begins.
    • Allow Multiple Subscriptions - If checked, the same customer account can purchase the same subscription multple times, otherwise, the customer will be notified if they try to purchase the subscription again that they have already purchased and are a member of that subscription.
    • Stripe Plan - If you setup a subscription plan, it is like setting up a group of products that are related. For example, you could setup a subscription plan called 'Web Hosting' and there is a bronze, silver, and gold plan. Customers would only be able to upgrade and downgrade between that collection of products. This gives you a way to group products into a subscription plan.
    • Membership URL - If you would like to have a page or URL that only subscribed customers could access, you can provide that url here. This gives a good way to distribute membership content and lock out other users who are not members.


Monitor Stripe Subscriptions

Stripe is fully integrated into EasyCart as a subscription service system. What this means is you can cancel payments, upgrade/downgrade customers and change product details all from within EasyCart and the information is completely and transparently updated on your Stripe payment processing system.

Also, customers have the ability to manage their subscriptions from within their accounts. So customers can upgrade/downgrade from within a subscription plan, update payment methods, and see their membership content on your website.

Stripe is the complete subscription payment processor and by far the best subscription payment processor to use with EasyCart if looking for a complete management solution.

Cancel Subscription - canceling a subscription in EasyCart will automatically terminate the subscription at Stripe as well.

Upgrade/Downgrade Subscription - EasyCart will automatically upgrade/downgrade a customers subscription if it is changed here. Stripe will automatically pro-rate any upgrade/downgrade and bill accordingly.

Payment History - You can quickly see the past payments this subscribed user has made, as well as cross over and view their full order details if you need to.


Monitor PayPal Subscription

PayPal subscriptions are fully managed via PayPal's interface. EasyCart will simply send the customer out to PayPal for signup. Within EasyCart, you will see the subscription details, but not be able to edit them as this is accomplished at PayPal itself.

Each time a customer signs up on PayPal for your subscription, PayPal will send an IPN response to your system and it will be entered into the subscription managment area of your admin console. This will give you important information such as active status, payment period, # payments completed, start date, last payment, customer information, as well as PayPal transaction ID's and more.

Note: In order to manage the PayPal subscription, you should log into your PayPal account and cancel, update, and monitor them there. We simply provide the subscription area in the admin console for convenience, but management occurs at PayPal.