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Shipping - Price Based

Priced based shipping lets you set price limits and then shipping rates will apply based on those limits. For example, an order of 50 dollars may apply 9.99 in shipping. If the order is 100 may apply 12.99 in shipping. You essentially create a trigger rate or range and then the rate will apply at that point if the customers order falls in that range.

Video Available: There is a helpful video tutorial that you may want to watch regarding this topic in our video library. Click to View Now

Note: There is also the inclusion of handling charges, which can be set at the product level OR globally on this page. So whatever shipping method you choose (live, price, weight, or static methods), the user can also incur a handling charge if a specific product requires extra cost. This handling charge is added to any shipping price during checkout, so it is a true shipping and handling charge.

Creating Trigger Rates

Trigger rates are those values that the cart order total will cross and trigger the shipping rate. If the trigger is set at 0.00, then any order over 0.00 dollars will trigger that rate. Then you could enter a rate of 50 dollars, and a rate of 4.99. Any order that crosses that trigger rate will get the rate of 4.99 so on and so forth.

Note: We recommend setting up shipping rates without shipping zones to begin with...


Expedited Order Amount

You may also enter an expedited amount. What expedited means is entirely up to you, but a customer can select this check box during checkout and designate as expedited. They will incur whatever charge you enter here on top of their triggered price rate. For example, you might charge an extra 2.00 dollars to rush the order. The customer will see an increase in their shipping by 2.00 if they select it.