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EasyCart gives you a large choice of settings to help customize your shopping site.

License Activation/Deactivation Status

The first screen you see under settings is the licensing information. From here you can see what features are active as well as setup your systems timezone. If you ever need to move your license, simply enter your transaction key found on your email confirmation email and it will release the license so that you may activate it on another domain/URL.


Clear Menu and Product Statistics

When you go to manage Menus and Products in the administrative console, you can see statistics on how many visitors have clicked each menu or viewed a product. If you ever need to clear the statistics, you can do so here. This might be a good option before going live and after testing is completed.

Manage Country List

EasyCart allows you to easily change what countries are established in the country pull down list during account creation. If you wish to move your country to the top of the list, or to establish a custom country tax VAT rate, you can do so here. It is important that the ISO 2 and ISO 3 codes are correct as these are used for many API systems.


Manage State List

States and Provinces can be managed and allow you to tailor the EasyCart system to your region or country. You have the option to utilize a combo drop down for the state section, or to leave it as an open field text box. If you enable it, it gives better data validation to your customers, particularly if utilizing a shipping zone based system that is country AND state driven. We find it often better to leave as an open text box though if not utilizing such system.


Products Per Page

EasyCart lets you adjust how many products can appear in a page set. Often it's nice to be able to adjust to say 10, 25, 50, or 100 products per page from this location.


Manage Price Points

Price Points allow you to create collections of pricing groups that are visible when using our Price Points widget. This makes a great filter for some stores who wish to display products under 10 dollars or items between 50 and 100. Create custom Price Points here and they automatically get thrown into the widget. Be sure to include a Less than, Between, and Greater than grouping so all products get sorted into a collection.


Gateway Log

The gateway log is useful to diagnose problems with payment gateways. This is usually helpful to export and send EasyCart staff the gateway log if having trouble with a gateway. You can also open the file and read errors that the payment gateway send. Usually it will tell you if there are authorization problems or bad credentials that have been entered, which account for 90% of the problems with payment gateway issues. But if in doubt, send it in to EasyCart staff to determine the issue.