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Promotion Management

Promotions are events that run for a specific amount of time and apply to anything on the store regardless of entering a coupon code or gift card. These promotions are great ways to market live on your site and without the customer having to have specific codes to enter. For example, a Spring Special may offer 20% off a specific group of products. A promotion would be the marketing tool to use.

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Step One - Basic Information

Setup the promotion with a distinctive name such as 'Spring Special' or '25 dollars off 100 dollar total value' so that you know what the promotion does. Then you can select a start and ending date for the promotion.

Note: You may change the timezone by going to the 'Store Settings' menu and adjusting. This way you know exactly when a promotion starts and stops based on server time and local time.

Step Two - Select Promotion Type

There are currently 3 types of promotions. More may be added as updates are available.

  • Price/Percentage off when certain dollar value is reached
  • Price/Percentage off Product or Group of Products
  • Shipping Discount on Product or Group of Products

Step Three - Select Products or Price

Now you can select which products, manufacturers, or groups of products you wish to apply this promotion to. To ensure flexibility, you can create custom product groups under the Manage Products -> Manage Product Groupings section. For example, create a group of products called 'Spring Sale Specials' and add whatever products to this group.

IF this is a dollar limit promotion, you would set your price limit here. For example, all orders over 100 dollars would get free shipping, then you could enter that price limit here on step 3.

Step Four - Discount

The last step is to assign what the user will get on the promotion. Either a price discount or a percentage discount. IF the user meets the criteria, they should see this discount in their cart.

Note: Promotions are very powerful, so be sure to experiment with different combinations and plan carefully your strategy. When the time of the promotion expires, it becomes inactive immediately. Try not to apply multiple promotions to a single product!