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Product Option Sets

Note: Before you can add options to a product, you must first create Option Sets and Option Set Items. Click Here for information on how to do this.

Option sets allow you to add extra configurations to your product. Size, color, types, and even price changes are allowed. Every product can have 5 basic options or unlimited advanced options.

Only Basic Option sets however will allow inventory control!

Video Available: There is a helpful video tutorial that you may want to watch regarding this topic in our video library. Click to View Now


Basic Option Sets

Choose up to 5 option sets per product. Each option can have unlimited amount of options. If you would like to have the product images change based on an option selection, you can do this with option set 1.

For Example: You can set option 1 for a tshirt to control 'Color'. When a user selects Red, they can see 5 new images of the Red tshirt. If they select Blue, they can see 5 new images of the Blue tshirt.

Note: Basic Option sets have the advantage of being able to control inventory quantity. You can go into advanced quantity control and establish how many of each option you have in inventory.


Advanced Option Sets

These option sets can be a mix of any option set you have made, however, the key difference is they may not control inventory quantities. You can select file uploads, radio groups, checkbox groups, text areas, price grids, text fields as well as basic combo boxes and color swatches.

These options will appear on the store the way they are listed when you add them to the product on this screen.