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Product Importer and Exporter

Basic product information can be imported and exported from the EasyCart system. Now you can simply export your products, make quick adjustments in bulk, and then re-upload the file and all changes are made.

Product Export

Exporting products is a simple process that allows you to download all product data into a Comma Separated Values file format (.CSV). These files are easily opened in most spreadsheet and text editors. For best performance, use a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel to get the data into columns for easy reading and data manipulation.

Note: We recommend before you work on any products that are already inside easycart, to do a fresh export of data, then manipulate the data so you do not accidently overwrite some of your product data.


Product Import

Importing products into EasyCart has been simplified and developed to be more flexible than previous versions. Now you can grab a fresh product export .CSV file and make adjustments, even move columns around, then import your file to make mass changes to products.

Simple Guidelines to Follow:

1. We always recommend grabbing a fresh product export before making 'updates' to products. This way you are sure to not overwrite data with older files.

2. You 'MUST' have the column headings that come in the exported file. Meaning, you can not change the 'title' heading to something else such as 'my product titles'. EasyCart will look for the heading row to find matches and insert data. You 'CAN' move columns around, which makes it flexible and easy to use.

3. If you are creating a new product, simply leave the product_id and post_id fields empty and EasyCart will create those for you. Fields such as model_number, title, description, price are your fields to change and adjust as necessary. We recommend every model_number be unique.


Frequently Asked Questions & Sample Scenarios

You have a list of titles, prices, and descriptions for products, what do you need to do?
We recommend you download an export file, then simply add the titles, prices, and descriptions you have and paste them into these columns. You can leave all the other columns empty if you do not have data for them. Also leave the product_id and post_id empty. We would also make some model_numbers for your own business tracking at this time. Import this .CSV file and all the products will be created.

I have lots of products in EasyCart, and want to change all the product prices quickly, can I do that?
absolutely, just grab a fresh exported .CSV file of your products, look at the price column and adjust all the prices and re-import the file. It will detect that these are existing products and update them accordingly.

I work with the model number and price extensively, can I move those columns in my spreadsheet .CSV file?
Yes, as long as you leave the heading row with the correct labels for each column, EasyCart will update accordingly. This means you could grab the price column and move it over next to the model_number column so you can easily work, then save and import.

I see a lot of other information and columns, do I need to fill them all in?
No, EasyCart will use default values if you do not know what the other values mean in the .CSV file, so you can easily just add some model_numbers, titles, prices and import. Of course, EasyCart's importer makes it easy to add those other data fields, but they are not necessary.