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Product Image Management

The product images tab lets you control which images are uploaded and whether to enable images based on an option change. Each product is allowed 5 high quality images to be uploaded. IF you 'Allow Different Images for Option Set 1', then you can upload 5 high quality images for every option found in option set 1.

Image Types

EasyCart allows you to upload high quality images for products. JPG images work best, but you may also upload PNG and GIF images. If your server does not like showing these types of images, always use .JPG formatted images.

Image Sizes

EasyCart recommends large quality images in square format at sizes of 800 pixels wide by 800 pixels high. Most servers will have a hard time uploading huge 12 Mb images, so please edit your images and make them under 1 Mb in size.

Option Set Images

An example would be if you have a T-Shirt and that T-shirt has 3 different colors, then you probably have an option set called 't-shirt color' and Blue, Green, and Red as optional colors. You can now setup high quality images for each of those colors. So when a user selects the option Blue, the images will switch out and show the 5 images you upload for this option. When the user selects the green option, they will then see the green high quality images of your shirt, giving the best possible presentation to your user.

Note: It is important to note that these special option images only apply to option set 1. If you have 2-5 options on a product, only option set 1 will allow different images. For Example, if you do an option of color and an option of size, and want the extra images for color, be sure to set it as option 1 and size to option 2.