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Product Categories

Product Categories is a useful tool to allow you to make collections of products for promotions or marketing purposes. For example, you might make a product group for 'Spring Specials' and then create a promotion and attach it to this group of products. Any items that are found in this group will be given that promotion or discount.

Note: You have 2 methods to group products together, Menus or Categories. Menus have several limitations to 3 menus deep, Categories are more flexible and allow unlimited groupings of products.


Creating a Category

To create a Category, simply select 'Create New Category List' and then enter a name for the list, such as 'Spring Specials' or 'On Sale Items'. It will also let you know how many products are within this current category as a helpful reminder.

Note: Alternatively, you may also create categories quickly at the product level while creating and editing a product. They will appear here and make for a convenient alternative method to add products to categories. both ways work well!


Adding Products to a Category

Select 'Edit Category Products' and select from the list of your products using the list as in the picture above. You can add unlimited products to your categories.