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Product Download Management

Being able to sell downloadable goods such as music, videos, PDF's, e-books, instructions, or other items makes the EasyCart extremely flexible. You may also control download specifications below per product. The main method for downloads is to upload teh file to your server and allow the user to download the file from that location. For users that are selling large downloadable goods, we recommend using our Amazon S3 integration (read below).

Designate and Browse for File

Once you designate a product as a downloadable good, simply browse and locate your file and upload here. This will put your file on the server with a custom name, and users will be able to download immediately after a confirmed purchase is processed. For security, they are never given the true name of the file and the name is encrypted so it is not easily accessed by any user.

Download Security

For extra security, you can enable Maximum Downloads and/or Download time limit. This way users are limited and may not pass their account around and multiple people continue to download the product. If a customer contacts you and needs these reset for their account, you can always visit the Download Manager section of your console and reset. Enter 0 for either setting will enable unlimited downloads and unlimited time.

Note: Downloads are only accessible to users once they have a confirmed purchase. Placing an order with a fake credit card will place the order into an 'Order on Hold' status and the download will not be accessible. This gives an added measure of security and users should only be able to download IF they have approved purchases.
Note: We recommend you always set a download limit for products so that customers contact you for more. Then it becomes apparent if someone continues to contact you for limit resets.

Amazon S3 Download

We offer downloads hosted on Amazon S3's servers, read more here about setting this up. Once setup, you can then select a file from your S3 service from the drop down menu and save. All of the same options apply to an S3 hosted download as to the self-hosted download and the link provided is only accessable for a short burst, just enough to get the download started by the user.