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Product Basic Information

Basic product information for each product allows you to control how the product will appear on your shopping store and with great detail. Many of these basic settings are required to be entered.

Product Wizard

You can select from some pre-designed products such as retail goods, downloads, donations, services, subscriptions, and gift cards and EasyCart will setup sample data for the minimum requirements and show you some of the fields that are necessary for that type of good.

You can skip this step as well, and start with a blank canvas for creating your product as well.

Note: All payment processors will work with these types of products, except Subscriptions, which require the Stripe payemnt processor or PayPal for minimal subscription signups.


Basic Product Information (Minimum Required)

Title: The name of the product as it will appear on your website
Model Number: This should be a unique SKU or Model Number for the product.
Product Weight: This weight s is used to calculate shipping. Every product should have a weight, except downloadable goods and gift cards, which customers can download immediately. Everything needs weight to calculate properly. Weight is in units, so no unit label is necessary.
Manufacturer: This allows products to have coupons and promotions attached specifically to this set.
Quantity: This is how many you have in stock. If you do not track quantity, enter 10,000 or some high number, but items must have a quantity.
Listed Price: This is the price the item costs and will be sold for. (options with prices may increase or decrease this price)
Short Description: This area lets you create a short paragraph description that appears under the title and above the price.
Description: This area is where you can write paragraphs describing your product.
Specifications (Optional): If you add specifications here, the specifications tab will appear to the customer on the front end.

Video Available: There is a helpful video tutorial that you may want to watch regarding this topic in our video library. Click to View Now