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Advanced Quantity Options (Optional)

Track Overall Quantities: If enabled, users will see how many items are in stock next to the 'Add to Cart' button.
Track Option Quantities: If checked, you will be given a button to manage those option quantities. This system lets you not only track overall quantity, but also track each option. For Example, if you have 20 T-Shirts, you may have 5 Large, 10 Mediums, and 5 Smalls. This section lets you get into that fine grain detail and customers will not be able to purchase that option once it runs out on the store.

Note: Please note that if you track option quantity, you must enter values for every combination of options. The total of this will be placed into your overall quantity as well, but they must add up and equal each other. For Example, having 3 large, 4 medium, and 5 small tshirts means you have a total of 12 in stock overall. They must equal out, and when you enter option item quantities, we do this for you, so be sure to update your product.