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Advanced Pricing Options (Optional)

Previous Price: If you wish to have a promotion price or say the item cost XX.XX amount above the list price. This price will show as a crossed out price, essentially showing that the item is on sale.
One-Time Handling Fee: This handling fee will be added to the shipping one time. Even if the customer orders 10 of these items, it will only apply one time but gives fine control if an item does require extra handling charges.
Tiered Pricing Structure: You may setup tiered pricing for quantity ranges that you specify. This feature allows you to bump the price up or down based on a certain amount of items being ordered. Most setups will give a discount when a larger order is placed.

Set Tiered Pricing Structure: Tiered pricing allows you to incrementally offer discounts for volume orders. For example, order 10 items, get them for $9.99 and order 20 items, get them for $7.99.

Set B2B and User Role Pricing: You can create different user account roles and then setup pricing for a product based on which user is logged in with that account. Great way to offer wholesale prices to certain accounts all from the same store.