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Advanced Product Listing Options (Optional)

Show Product in Store: Whether the product is available for sale on the store or not. If not, it will not show up anywhere.
Show Product on Store Front Page: When the store is opened, should this show as a 'featured' item. Essentially customers have not selected a menu category, so these products will show when first entering the store.
Show Product in Specials Widget:
If you are using the 'specials' widget found in WordPress, then this item will appear in that section.
Allow Customer Reviews: Whether or not you wish to have the customers enter reviews or not.
This Product is Taxable: If selected, then this product will be put into the final tax calculation.
This Product is Shippable: If selected, then this product will be calculated in any shipping calculations during checkout.
Use VAT on this Product: If selected, this product will be included into the VAT calculation.
Seasonal Mode: If selected, this product is not available for purchase, but is shown on the site still. This will allow you to enter a phrase like "Coming Soon" or "Seasonally Unavailable" to notify your customer that this item will be available at another time.
Inquiry Mode: If selected, this product is not available for purchase, but instead is shown with an inquiry form to allow the customer to notify you that they are interested in buying. You can optionally provide a link to a form for them to fill out, which you can customize to fit your needs. If left blank you will use the default EasyCart form.

Product Types:

This Product is Gift Card: If yes, this product will have a special section for users to enter To: From: and a Message: along with where to send the giftcard. Customers can then print the gift card and unique gift card ID in their account after purchase and redeem at any time during checkout on your website. No interaction is really necessary from the store owner as it's all automated.
This Product is Donation: This setting will turn the pricing box into an input entry box, allowing the customer to enter their own price for the item. This is good option for charity sites where they have a single charity product, and people can enter their own giving amount.
This Product uses DecoNetwork: If you plan on using the DecoNetwork to allow custom designed goods, check this box and click the Deconetwork Options button to continue with setup.

  • DecoNetwork Mode: This needs to match what you are using for your product, typically designer mode is used for custom designed goods.
  • DecoNetwork Product ID: This is the product id (NOT product code) that is available only on the DecoNetwork. We have found that going to the Deconetwork site you are using, going to the product details of the product you are connecting with, and looking at the URL directly is the easiest way to determine this value. The value you will use is in the URL n=xxxxx, where xxxxx is a number that is the product id.
  • Product Size ID: This is not required, but allows you to force the product to a specific size as the user enters the designer.
  • Product Color ID: This is not required, but allows you to force the product to a specific color as the user enters the designer.
  • Product Design ID: This is not required, but allows you to force the product to a specific design as the user enters the designer.

This Product is Subscription: This setting allows you to create a PayPal or Stripe subscription.

  • Stripe payment processing is the most full featured membership payment gateway solution, and EasyCart allows complete management control over your subscriptions through our administrative tools. Customers can also cancel memberships, upgrade or downgrade memberships, update payment methods, and see membership content using the Stripe payement processing method.
    • Subscription Interval - Simply setup the interval you wish the subscription to be paid at.
    • Subscription Trial Period Days - If you would like customers to have a certain number of days before billing begins.
    • Allow Multiple Subscriptions - If checked, the same customer account can purchase the same subscription multple times, otherwise, the customer will be notified if they try to purchase the subscription again that they have already purchased and are a member of that subscription.
    • Stripe Plan - If you setup a subscription plan, it is like setting up a group of products that are related. For example, you could setup a subscription plan called 'Web Hosting' and there is a bronze, silver, and gold plan. Customers would only be able to upgrade and downgrade between that collection of products. This gives you a way to group products into a subscription plan.
    • Membership URL - If you would like to have a page or URL that only subscribed customers could access, you can provide that url here. This gives a good way to distribute membership content and lock out other users who are not members.
  • PayPal offers a limited signup option where EasyCart sends customers to PayPal to subscribe. Management of the subscriptions will take place through PayPal, not EasyCart.
    • Subscription Interval - Simply setup the interval you wish the subscription to be paid at.
Note: One major limitation to the subscription process is that products can not change price dynamically. You can not have options that change the price of the subscription, you can not have Handling charges on the product, you can not have B2B role pricing for subscriptions. This limitation is due to the fact that a plan is created on the payment processor side and can not vary for subscribers. Once you create and set a price, it should never change. A new product must be created if you change the price or wish to have a different subscription plan at a different price point.
Subscriptions REQUIRE Stripe OR PayPal Third Party Processing to be activated. Stripe is the most fully featured membership payment processor EasyCart has integrated with. You should setup Stripe payment processing prior to adding subscription products and options. PayPal also offers signups, but is limited in management features. Stripe is a full service subscription/membership program and allows full customer control via their account for upgrades, card updates, and membership services.
Note: A great use of the donation item box is not only for donations, but if you want to collect invoices from customers. This way customers can enter the amount they owe, add it to their cart, and checkout. A quick and easy way to invoice customers and collect money all from a single product on your site.