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Order Management

Order management provides access to all orders (approved or pending) and management features. You can choose to filter the orders based on Order ID's, Dates, Totals, Customer Names and Order Status. If an order is new and never viewed, you will see a green check mark next to the order.

Order Details

Once you view an order, there are several management features you may wish to take advantage of. From here you can see the shipping, billing, and full order details of items, options, and quantities sold.

Current Order Status

Order Status is the most important part of any order. It determines if you should ship the product, if the product is available for download, or if the order might have been stalled or placed into an unapproved status because of fraud.

Orders are automatically placed into 'Card Approved' status IF they have been approved by the gateway processor. PayPal puts the order into a 'PayPal Approved' if the order was approved.

Orders that are submitted but never paid for are placed into as 'Order Stated' status IF they were submitted to a gateway and not approved or received an error response. PayPal puts the order into a 'PayPal Pending' status if the customer submits the order, but never pays via PayPal's website.

Other statuses are supplied for your convenience, such as 'Order on Hold' or 'Order Shiped'.

Note: It is important to always check the order status and with your payment processor to see that payment is received before ever shipping goods.

View Authorization Results

If an order is stalled, or you wish to see the full payment gateway results, we provide quick access to this logged information.

Shipping Information

You may wish to track shipping carriers and tracking numbers with each order. IF you choose to send an email to the customer with the shipping information, you can check that box and click update. An email will then be dispatched to the customers email account with shipping information so they can visit the carriers site and track.

Printing and Notes

We optionally provide a way for you to print the order for hard copies and to also add custom notes to the order. These custom notes are not viewable to the customer, only to the administrators in this interface. Admin notes are available in the admin console only, and are not viewed by the customers.

Note: Some gateways are integrated with a two way communications to your payment processor. For example, if you use stripe.com for payment processing, you will see an additional 'Refund' button and if you use it, you can refund the full amount, or partial amount of an order AND it will communicate to stripe and process the refund.

Other processors do not have this capability, so there is no refund button, and you will need to refund customers via the payment gateways management screen.