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Order Exporter

EasyCart allows you to export several reports if you need to run data for your orders, custom create shipping labels, or send data to your fulfillment houses. The data can be accessed in several ways and you can access all data or simply access a date range.

Selecting Date Range

You can choose to show all data in the orders system, or you can specify a specific date range for reports. If you select specific date range, then you must establish a starting and ending date.

Select Export File Type

You can choose to export data in Excel or PDF format. The Excel format is much more data rich as it pulls in all order data, order details data for each product, and even options that users have selected for their orders. You can then utilize the power of Excel formatted documents to sort data, filter data, graph data, and build custom reports as needed.

If you want a simple report in PDF format, we have established a simpler format for you to see orders, customer names, quantities, and totals for each order as well as a gross summary of the order. This format is much more rigid and not able to be customized as it's a PDF printable document, but good for quick report viewing of a month.