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Newsletter System

The newsletter system allows you to send communications to all users in your email subscriber list. This functionality lets you send via default PHP mail methods or SMTP authentication mail.

Send From Email Address: The email address customers will see as a reply address. This address should be a live email account that you have control over or emails may fail to send and/or easily marked as Spam.
Email Subject: Subject line of email going out.
Email Message: This may be designed in HTML using a WYSIWYG editor or just standard text. If using HTML, be sure to design it with inline styling.

Mailing Method - PHP Mail

By default, the store can try to use PHP mailers. It depends on your server setup whether it is enabled, configured, and will function. Many hosts will limit mails going out though to 250 or 500 emails a day, so consult with your host.

Mailing Method - SMTP Authentication Mail

SMTP can be more reliable, but you should know your host, port, user and password information. Your hosting company should provide this information. While still reliable, you should ensure your hosting environment does not have limitations or such.

Note: We are integrated with the popular MyMail Newsletter & subscriber plugin available by clicking here. The integration allows easycart customers who subscribe during checkout or using our newsletter widgets to be placed directly into the MyMail system as subscribers, for a seamless way to use a much more powerful plugin.
Note: Sending mass emails can easily wind up getting your domain on a blacklist of companies for SPAM. It is important you understand who your messages are going to and that your hosting provider allows this kind of activity. When in doubt, you can export your users and use a 3rd party mailing company specializing in this type of activity.
Note: To help aid you in using a 3rd party newsletter company, we provide you with a method to export to excel your email subscriber list. Simply move to the email subscribers and click the export users button at the bottom.