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Manage User Accounts

You can manage your customers accounts billing, shipping, emails, and passwords all from the user account manager.

Editing and Creating Users

The process of creating and editing user accounts is straight forward. Accounts are created automatically when a user places an order. You can also manually setup an account through this section and pass along login information to your customers.

User Role: Administrators can access this administrative console, Shoppers may access an account area on your store, but will not be allowed to log into this administrative portal software.

You may create multiple administrative accounts for your business. For example, a shipping team may want access to view orders and ship, while marketing may want an account to setup promotions and coupons.

You may also create wholesale or retailer account types and then adjust pricing for products using the user-role based pricing system found on each product.


User Security

EasyCart allows you to also create security roles for panels within the Store Admin apps. For example, if you have a manager that you would like to only log in and check orders and customer accounts, you can create a new 'Manager' role and then select which panels that user role has access to. Simply select the panels under the security level for this role and it will apply to all external apps the user logs in with. (Desktop App, IPad App, Android Apps).