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Manage Gift Cards

Gift Card management is an important aspect IF you decide to sell giftcards on your website. The following process is used in the EasyCart giftcard system.

Step 1 - A product is designated as a Gift Card via the product administration section.

Step 2 - A customer purchases the gift card via the Internet. At this stage, a unique 12 digit code is placed into your Gift Card system and will appear in this screen. This gift card is as good as cash, and the user may designate to have the gift card shipped to them, or to print it online.

  • If the user chooses to print online, they will access their account area and will see a print button. At this point, they have the 12 digit code and can use it or pass it along to anyone the wish.
  • If the user chooses to send the card to them, then the business must have an appropriate method of sending a gift card with this unique 12 digit code. It could be the form of a card or one page printout designed for their business. Regardless, the customer just needs to have the 12 digit code sent to them.

Step 3 - The customer or any person can checkout on your site and redeem the gift card by entering that 12 digit code. IF there is money left on the gift card, it will be re-calculated and they may use it at another time. IF the amount of the checkout is more than the gift card amount, the customer may pay the remainder with their credit card or payment method.

Note: It is important that customers keep their 12 digit code. This is essentially as good as cash and can be redeemed by anyone during checkout.

Managing the Gift Cards

As a store owner, you may log into the admin console and see the gift cards that have been produced by the system and the totals that those gift cards have remaining on them. We also provide a place for you to enter a custom message if you are creating your own gift card numbers. This way, when a customer enters the gift card on your site during checkout, you can surprise them with a custom message!