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Download Management

You can manage your customers downloadable purchases easily by accessing this management system. Downloadable products such as e-books, music files, videos, software, or other items can be controlled by download limits and by download time access limits. If a user experiences trouble or needs an extension or update to these download settings, you can update them here.

Total Downloads

A downloadable product can have a download limit set. For example, you may limit a product to only 3 downloads so a customer could not pass around their login information to their friends. IF a customer calls and went over the limit, you may reset this value back to 0 (zero) and the customer could then have 3 more chances to download.

Downloadable Product ID

If a file exists in the download area of your site, it will be visible here as a file. You can then alter the file a customer can download by adjusting this pull down list. This makes it easy for you to allow a customer to download a different version of the software, music, PDF file, or whatever download you have without altering the order.

Note: The best way to lookup downloads to manage is to get the customers Order Number. You can search for these Order Numbers quickly in your orders section using their name or emails. Once you have an Order Number, jump here and search for it.