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Admin Dashboard

The administrative dashboard is your opening snapshot and quick access portal for your EasyCart system. You can quickly see your latest orders along with any news releases or security alerts by the EasyCart team.

Order Snapshots

Quickly see new orders and whether or not they have been viewed in your administrative console. If the order has been viewed by any team members on other computers, it will appear without a check mark. If an order has never been viewed, it will appear with a green check mark.

News Releases

EasyCart provides a mechanism to get news and security alerts that are up to the minute in the lower left corner of the screen. These messages are pulled from our EasyCart servers and are released periodically for your information only.

Version and Registration Status

EasyCart continues to provide new version releases, and your current version number is located in the lower left corner. If your store is registered or unregistered will appear in this corner as well. If you are using a trial, and receive a registration code from a staff member, you may click this location and enter the registration code.

Note: The first time you log in, you will be asked on your dashboard to register. You must provide your name and email address. You may then enter a transaction key from your order confirmation email if you have it, or you can choose to keep a limited trial running.