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Coupon Management

Coupons represent a special code that may be used multiple times by customers. Coupons act just like real print coupons in that you can post it on facebook, twitter, email, or other marketing material and do not care how many times it is used. There is no time limit, if a coupon exists, it can be used. If you do not want a coupon, then remove it from the system.

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Step 1 - Create Coupon

This step allows you to give a unique name for the coupon and a description that the customer will see when they enter the coupon and the system finds it. This might be a unique message to the customer to show them what the coupon represents and what they might be getting off their order. The ID should be unique and something people would not just guess, this way you can give it out and ensure nobody randomly enters the code.

Step 2 - Attach Coupon to Product

You may wish to have the coupon only attach to a specific set of products, or to a specific manufacturer. If that criteria is found in the customers cart, then the coupon will apply. If they try to enter a coupon, but it doesn't match the product or manufacturer, then it will not apply.

Step 3 - Select Coupon Details

Coupons can do several things, depending on what you are trying to achieve. You may have a percentage off the order coupon, a shipping discount coupon, a dollar amount off coupon, or just a free item designated coupon.

Note: Remember, coupons a live if they exist. If you do not want the coupon to apply, simply remove it and enter it at another time.