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Analytics is an important part of making eCommerce decisions, so we have integrated with one of the most powerful free analytic programs in the world, Google Analytics. The process is as simple as entering your Google analytics code into the EasyCart Admin -> Basic Settings. This will now start sending analytic data for purchases to google analytics.

Note: We recommend you install a google analytics plugin for wordpress to track your entire website's traffic and page clicks, the WP EasyCart google code ONLY tracks ecommerce transactions. This allows you to use a more global plugin for SEO and page tracking alongside our coding.

Important Distinction

Tracking eCommerce data is the most crucial step in analytics on a shopping cart. Most WordPress plugins for tracking analytics stop at page visits and visitor information. Google Analytics will go a step further and tell you wish product is selling, where that user came from, the funnel that they traveled to actually purchase, thus showing you the flows that are most successful on your site.

Don't confuse basic web page analytics with eCommerce analytics... and Google Analytics is pre-integrated fully into the EasyCart solution.